Apartment building Iecavkrasti is located in Ozolnieki town, on the bank of Iecava river.

There are 37 km from Ozolnieki to Riga and 4 km to Jelgava town. Ozolnieki towh has convenient means of transport – it’s possible to get to Riga by bus in 40 – 50 minutes and to Jelgava town – in some few minutes. 

Iecava river within Ozolnieki territory is about 40 m wide and 2,5 m deep. It is freely navigable. Going by Iecava river by boat, yacht or motorboat it’s possible to reach Lielupe river. There are some 7 km from Iecavkrasti to Lielupe river. Navigating up the Lielupe river after some 4 km Jelgava town appears. Going downt the Lielupe it’s possible to get to Kalnciens village and furhter to Baltic Sea.

On the way to Jelgava islets Pasta and Pils are passed by. They are washed by waters of Lielupe river from the one side, and by waters of Driksa river from the other side. Often some wild horses may be observed on islets. Horses are popular as sightseeing object for travellers.

By Driksa river it’s possible to navigate into the very heart of Jelgava town. River flows along the Latvia Agriculture Academy Sports Hall, Jelgava hotel and Jelgava market-place. Some other rivers like Svete, Platone, Vircava and Sesava flow into the Lielupe river in Jelgava vicinity. All these are teeming with fish and therefore are popular among fishermen.

Rivers are very scenic with banks covered by many species of trees and brushwoods. Surroundings are popular as nesting area of many birds. 

On the territory of Iecavkrasti complex two artificial ponds are situated, both are connected with Iecava river. On the bigger one dock for motorboats and yachts is built.

Between ponds a small peninsula has formed. There is a park with pavements and recreation zones, where tenants may celebrate important anniversaries or just enjoy leisure time.

On the north side of Iecavkrasti some wood is located providing fresh air.