Letter from sea


In 1990 a letter of German Heinz Beren fell into Janis Uzars hands. Letter was placed into bottle, bottle was tightly closed and thrown into the Baltic Sea somewhere at  Danish coast.  Letter was found by friend of Janis near Pavilosta town. It had sailed 1400 km. Thanks to the further friendship developed and sympathy of Mr.Beren Janis had an opportunity to work in Germany  for gardens, landscape and sports ground construction company "Maschman". After a season spent in Germany Janis started to deal with concrete roadway construction in Latvia. Obtained experience and roadway construction technology was put in a good use. Advantages of this technology were quite high working efficiency and perfect quality comparing with those used in Latvia at that time.


In 1st of December, 1994 company "Uzars" was registered in Latvia Register of Enterprises.While demand was increasing, workers were trained and new teams were formed. First four years J.Uzars was spending time in construction site as both superior, and one of the workers. To become a foreman could only those, who was training with J.Uzars and had gained sufficient operational experience.

In 2000 company "Uzars" started to deal with buildings construction parallely to roadway construction works. The first object built was cafe „Verdinsh”, Riga, Ulmanja gatve 199. The next object was company "Uzars" office, service hotel and storehouse in Marupe in 2001. From 2003 to 2007 more thar 100 private houses were built and repair and reconstruction works of public buildings were performed.